Month: January 2018

Necklaces, Pet Lovers

Personalized Initial Jewelry for Kids and Pets!

Owning a pet or having a kid is something that is always close to your heart. When you spend so much time with either of them, you always feel you are not getting enough of them. Every moment is just precious to us. These are 6 exciting ideas when you want to choose initial jewelry …

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Personalized Jewelry will always be special.

When it comes to gifting, you always want to give something unique. You also want to lend a personalized touch or feel when you give something to your loved ones. Taking you through 3 attractive features behind personalized gifting: Always Driven By Personal Whims & Fancies You do not go by the standard designs as …

For Him, For Mom, Necklaces, Pet Lovers, Stacking

Why Silver Jewelry Is Essential

Silver jewelry is the most versatile form of metal. You can have chunky designs on bracelets, rings, chains, and cuffs. Sterling silver is the purest form of silver, one can ideally look for. Helping you discover 4 amazing reasons as to why you go for silver: Lighter On Your Wallet The purest form of sterling …