Month: October 2019

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Mother’s Rings

Thoughtful and personalized, a mother’s ring is worn to signify the maternal memories of every proud mama! Whether it’s stacking mother’s rings or individual hand stamped rings, there are many ways to customize JUST for her. One thing remains common to a mother’s ring… They can be to be passed down the generations as a …

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Why Birthstone Rings are an every day MUST

Feel like wearing a piece of jewelry that’s personal to you but don’t want to overtly wear your name? Birthstones – an increasingly popular jewelry trend – have you covered. You can figure out your birthstone based on the month you were born. For many people, it’s a great reason to add color to their …

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Personalized Jewelry for Pet Lovers!

Your pets are not your whole life… They make your life whole! As a pet owner of a black Puggle named Taco, I know that from day one he has a very special place in my heart. Taco was my first (fur) baby boy. He was a dream come true to my two step-children that …