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Virgo’s are the most caring and loyal zodiac sign, so it’s only fit to treat them with the same loving respect. At Slate & Tell we have the best gifts for the Virgo in your life, but first lets dive in to what it means to be a Virgo sign.

Each astrology sign has its own season and Virgo season falls between August 23rd & September 22nd. This is a bittersweet time of year as summer is coming to an end and we’re all gearing up for autumn. Individuals with this zodiac sign have a strong character and are well organized people.


A Modern Zodiac Ring

This rising sign definitely has a plan, even when chaos tries to take over. Our Virgo’s know how to stay true to themselves and never let their goals get out of touch. Being the detailed oriented person they are will make any Virgo fall in love with the exquisite craftsmanship our Pavé ZodiacOpen Ring

Pavé Zodiac Open Ring

The Virgo Zodiac Open Ring features an eye-catching Virgo sign encrusted with round brilliant CZ accent stones on one side, while the other end has a single CZ accent stone.

An open end ring is a great statement piece and will pair well with other stacker rings. We’ve made it easy for you to create a custom zodiac ring stack by giving you the option to shop our open end ring and Zodiac Script Ring together.

Virgo Ring Stacks

If you’re a Virgo who loves a coordinating ring stack, we have the best set for you. As Virgo is a materialistic earth sign they will appreciate our Diamond In the Stars Zodiac Ring Stack.

A stunning astrology ring stack featuring the Heart Stamped Ring, Zodiac Script Ring, and a 0.33 Ct Diamond Classic Stackable Band. The three stacker bands paired together will create a stellar ring stack, and appreciate the responsibly sourced Diamonds our earth offers.

Diamond In the Stars Zodiac Ring Stack

Keeping It Delicate – An Earth Signs Duty

While Virgo’s reign supreme when it comes to their pristine daily attire. The natural born perfectionist inside them loves to keep it classic, but it’s always recommended to add a touch of softness to a Virgo’s everyday look. You can do so by adding our Zodiac Ring. This delicate ring features a thin 1.7 mm stacking band the Virgo sign being center of attention.

Zodiac Ring

A minimalist astrology ring like this will stack well with other Slate & Tell stacker bands, allowing you to create a custom ring stack. This will give you a chance to reflect your personality all while showing off your love for astrology.

As an earth sign, Virgo, loves a polished look and outfits tailored to their highest likings. A personalized necklace like our Zodiac Charm Necklace will allow you to customize this design to fit your rising sign.

Giving you the option to select chain material and length while still fitting within all spendable budgets. The Zodiac Charm necklace is available in Sterling Silver, 10K Or 14K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold to elevate any look.

Zodiac Charm Necklace

Virgos typically gravitate towards elite and sophisticated styles. Between this dainty chain and classic zodiac sign charm you’ll find a perfect balance of everything you’re looking for in a zodiac necklace. A delicate necklace like this will look great styled with a chunky necklace creating layered texture.

Zodiac jewelry is a great way to express love for astrology and style. It can be gifted to your other half or best friend, and even a stellar “treat-yourself” gift. Each person has their own zodiac sign based off their birthdate, making it a great gift to give for someone birthday.

As we know, Virgo’s are hard workers and goal oriented people, who see the best in everyone. Their kind natured hearts deserve to be acknowledged, and what better way to do so by gifting your Virgo a Slate & Tell zodiac ring, necklace or bracelet.

Continue Shopping Our Zodiac Collection Here, and wish your Virgo a very happy Virgo season!

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