Birthstone Ring for your Hard Working Man

Birthstone Rings for Our September Gems

Birthstone jewelry is one that will always be a top choice when shopping for gifts. That’s because we all have birthday’s making it an easy gift to shop! Our selection of birthstone rings jewelry comes in a variety of styles to match each personality to make you have an easy experience shopping for your person – or yourself!

September is known for its stunning sapphire birthstone that’s often used within the fine jewelry industry. This gem is a symbol of honesty, wisdom & great fortune. It’s often sought after by royalty and has a lot of other great properties. The beautiful hues of deep blues will be loved by any September birthday girl.

Birthstone Guide

Continue reading to learn more about our exclusive birthstone collection and get tips for finding your perfect September gift.

Modern Open Birthstone Rings

Shopping for yourself is a really fun experience and gives you the freedom to select whatever you like best! This collection of rings will greatly enhance your personal style, while staying true to who you are with styles reflecting your birth month. These rings have the option to show off your birthstone gem, or simply whatever color you adore most.

Open Birthstone Rings

An Essential Birthstone Stacker

Everyone has seen a classic initial ring, but we’ve created a contemporary design within this everyday stacking ring to enhance your look. Our Diamond & Birthstone Initial Open Ring is a classic design with a modern twist. The contemporary design of this ring emphasizes your initial with 0.09 Ctw round-brilliant Diamonds, and a beautiful bezel-set CZ-colored birthstone gem.

Diamond Birthstone Initial Open Ring

This modern open ring is a great gift for yourself or a bestie as it’s easily customizable to showcase any initial that holds sentimental value to you or a friend.

customizable showcase

Night-Time Girlies Shine Bright

Our Crescent Moon Birthstone Open Ring is a delicate ring made for a moonlight lover. This ring features an open concept with stunning details within each open end. On one side you have a dainty crescent moon and the opposing side showcases a bezel-set birthstone of your choice. The gemstone available in this low-profile ring is a brilliant round CZ-colored birthstone. Choose your birth month color or any color you love.

Crescent Moon Birthstone Open Ring

Our favorite color option for this ring would be our September sapphire-colored CZ, or a classic white CZ gemstone. These two colors represent a night-time sky. Use the sapphire-colored CZ to symbolize the dark blue night skies. Or if you want a look that shines like a diamond in the sky, our classic white CZ will give you all those nighttime vibes.

Gifts for All Our Moms

At Slate & Tell we’re widely known for our customizable name ring stacks, so of course, we had to make one that features stunning CZ-colored birthstones to take personalization to the next level. Everyone, especially our Mother, loves to celebrate a birthday. They’re so important to our loved ones and everyone deserves to be spoiled with love on their special day.

Good thing we have special birthstone rings for Mom that we know she’ll always love most!

Classic Stacks Mom will Cherish

The Baby Feet Birthstone Name Ring Stack is one of our top sellers and here’s why! This stack has such a strong-loving bond attached to it, as it’s made only for a mother. When you gift your Mom this birthstone ring stack it’ll bring her back to the very first day she got to hold your tiny little baby feet.

Baby Feet Birthstone Name Ring Stack

This Slate & Tell ring stack includes our Birthstone Footprint Name Ring and the Pavé Classic Stackable Band. These rings paired together create a beautiful sparkle that Mom will cherish for a lifetime! Don’t be surprised if this Birthstone Foot Print Name Ring stack brings a tear to her eye as she opens her gift.

While Our Four Birthstone Mothers Ring Stack is a classic design you can’t go wrong with. This set includes our Stackable Name Ring, Pavé Classic Stackable Band, and 4-Stone Birthstone Ring. The stackable name ring is carefully hand-stamped with 13 characters allowing enough room for total customization. September’s birthstone looks stunning placed in our 4-stone birthstone ring and is a great example of the pristine sapphire blue color that our CZ stones offer.

Four Birthstone Mothers Ring Stack

Customize Slate & Tell’s Stackable Name Ring to say, Grandma, then add all the grand-babies birthstones to the 4-Stone Birthstone Ring. You’ll soon have a ring stack that any Nana would be lucky to have.

Classic Scripts & Timeless Wraps for Everyone

A Birthstone Script Name Ring perfect for yourself, or a best friend. This ring is easily customizable with your name and September’s birthstone, making it a great personal jewelry piece. The beautiful script font that creates this classic stacking ring is handcrafted with precision. If you know your bestie’s birth month, then you can easily create a customizable birthstone ring for her by following our birthstone chart guide.

Birthstone Script Name Ring

If you’re a Mama of three precious babes, our Birthstone Triple Name Ring Stack will be your new favorite wrap ring. This ring has the same script font as the previous ring mentioned, but has the space to hold the three most precious names you keep closest to your heart.

The polished script creating this ring features a bezel-set birthstone next to each name. A statement ring like this still allows for maximum comfort, giving you peace of mind when wrapping your Mother’s thoughtful gift.

Birthstone Triple Script Name-Ring

Celebrate Mom or yourself every day with birthstone rings for women that are easily customizable in sterling silver, 10K, and 14K Gold. Have fun personalizing our birthstone ring gifts with September’s CZ-colored birthstone, or create a one-of-a-kind piece with your favorite colors here.

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