But I Don’t Have Kids.

With new generations come new trends. We no longer necessarily have a house and family at age 25… We send memes, not letters; Use emojis, not cursive. Some may fight the times and still prefer to flip the pages of a book than read this blog online. But with change comes growth, and while our diets are evolving and our habits are progressing, (though we may feel extremely lost and confused), humans are living longer and better than ever. After all, 30 is the new 20, right?

Luckily, fashion is evolving too. Jewelry – like many trends – although often reverting to classic and vintage styles, comes in more designs & is more accessible than ever before! Slate & Tell‘s specialty being Personalized jewelry.

Personalized jewelry comes in many forms. Our pieces are hand stamped with custom names, words, numbers and phrases to signify those people and things you love which help tell your own story. Many of our customers and followers think that our jewelry line is meant for Moms. And although YES, it can be perfect for moms, it is also PERFECT for this young, creative generation. We get it, millennials – You’re 30 and you don’t have kids yet! Well, this thanksgiving dinner, it’s YOUR (and your jewelry’s) time to shine…

Here’s how we personalize our Jewelry in other ways:

How we tell our story without stamping our kids names: Mantras, significant dates, name of our S/O; Using trendy words and phrases that date us more accurately than an ancient hieroglyphic:




“Sorry not sorry”


Countless celebrities of our time have coined trendy phrases such as Ariana Grande’s, “Thank u, next”. We’ve even spun phrases into newer ones, deepening their meaning and humor…”The Snuggle is Real.” Like it or hate it… This is our claim to fame, guys!

Now, not everything has to be a joke like the older generations think of us. Styles like the Initial Stone Charms and Personalized Script Necklace, as well as our coming-soon Petite collections are chic, classy and still give us everyday meaningful pieces to wear. Which brings us to our next point – GOLD! If it means enough to you, make it last forever. Now you can afford everything in 10K & 14K Gold by paying with Sezzle or Affirm at checkout. Here’s a great chance to practice your budgeting! FACTS: Treating yourself is not a crime when it’s planned wisely.

So, to everyone still figuring life out, let us help you look & feel good while doing it. We have faith in you. With words, numbers, gemstones and symbols all at your service, you are PLENTY capable of creating personal, meaningful and even humorous pieces to wear! Just get ready to talk about it, as everyone at thanksgiving dinner will be asking what the HECK “hunty af” means…

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