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Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

Ready to Ship Gold and Sterling Silver Stackable Rings

You might have brought her favorite pink frock when she was small or a teddy bear to whom she used to cuddle all day long. You have seen her highs, lows and now that she is all grown-up, ready to take a charge, now it’s time to buy a gift that will make your daughter …

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Initial Charm Necklace – a meaningful yet minimalist look!

Your initial necklace is sure to make a fashion statement and will stand out on any outfit. This alone makes this a great purchase for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones. You can always design your initial necklace in gold or in sterling silver. Going with either of the metals will not …

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Let us be your Personal Jewelry Stylist!

My name is Erin – I’m the face behind our Instagram (aka @slateandtell) since day one. Here at the Slate & Tell HQ, we spend hours curating the perfect styles, mixing and matching pieces of all different sizes and metals to create meaningful and fun jewelry looks. But I have to say… the fans always …

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3 Tips for Summer Jewelry

Personalized Rings - Slate & Tell

Summer is the best time for new jewelry. As you shed off the layers, there’s more room to show off the glitz. To fully maximize your look and take advantage of the warm weather, try these 3 summertime essentials: 1. CHOOSE ROSE Rose gold has been booming in popularity, especially in the Summer! Its subtle …

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Mother’s Day

If you haven’t checked out our Mother’s Day collection – it isn’t too late! We put together a selection of gifts to delight every kind of mother – even those who say they don’t need a thing. Our Ready-To-Wear collection is perfect if you aren’t exactly sure how to personalize jewelry for mom (or maybe …

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Script Necklaces are a fashion staple!

Sure, Carrie Bradshaw’s nameplate from 2000 may feel frozen in time, but there’s a reason your mom passed down your grandma’s signet ring, or that you gave your BFF a customized necklace with her new initials as a wedding gift: Personalized jewelry will always be an accessory staple. Slate & Tell provides you the ultimate …

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Personalized Necklaces

Lovely_Letter_Bunch - Slate & Tell

Who doesn’t want to woo their partner with trend-setting designs on jewelry? You get personalized pendants and chains in an affordable price range. So who is going to say no? Presenting you with 4 resplendent varieties of personalized necklaces: All Mine Bunch This is a personalized slate you can go in for. The heart shaped …

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Personalized Jewelry for Your Kids

All of you love pampering your kids. Your cute little daughter wearing her teeny weeny necklace can bring tears of joy to any adorable mom, out there. Presenting you with terrific designs on customized jewelry for kids: Pendants You can include a cute looking object like a teddy, a Santa Claus or a dolphin forming …

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Personalized Initial Jewelry for Kids and Pets!

Owning a pet or having a kid is something that is always close to your heart. When you spend so much time with either of them, you always feel you are not getting enough of them. Every moment is just precious to us. These are 6 exciting ideas when you want to choose initial jewelry …

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Personalized Jewelry will always be special.

When it comes to gifting, you always want to give something unique. You also want to lend a personalized touch or feel when you give something to your loved ones. Taking you through 3 attractive features behind personalized gifting: Always Driven By Personal Whims & Fancies You do not go by the standard designs as …