Personalized Jewelry will always be special.

When it comes to gifting, you always want to give something unique. You also want to lend a personalized touch or feel when you give something to your loved ones.

Taking you through 3 attractive features behind personalized gifting:

Always Driven By Personal Whims & Fancies

You do not go by the standard designs as shown to you in a catalog. You select your own gift. It can be a doodad, an initial-based pendant or engraved bracelets. It is you who decides what needs to be given away.

You can also have open heart rings or birthstone jewelry personalized. It is the lucky charm or the star of the partner that will decide the kind of jewelry that needs to be purchased. Custom design jewelry is therefore driven by the fantasies of the customers. You can always get something new while imagination is simply boundless.

Tidal Moon | Slate & Tell

Exciting Mix & Match Ideas

When you go in for personalized jewelry, you have an exciting mix and match ideas. You can pair up three varieties of custom bunches on the same slate. Say, for example, you have your mum’s name, I love you symbol and your boyfriend’s initials all engraved on the same pendant. You love your mum to the moon and back while you cannot afford to love your fiancé or lover, any lesser. This is the message you send out. You can also have three bracelets conveying three unique messages. And these are ones that are really close to your heart.

Personalized Jewelry - Slate & Tell



You generally have limited options when it comes to selecting fixed designs offered by a standard jewelry store.

Keep Up With Changing Trends On A Budget

When you opt for a store that specializes in custom design jewelry, you have a versatile number of options when it comes to getting jewel sets. Doodads, custom bunches, slates, pendants and open heart rings are amazingly cool options to choose from. Not only do you have these customized, you also can avail the sets at far lower prices as against diamond or gold jewelry.

This way, you are able to keep up with the changing trends, even if you are on a shoe-string budget.

These features make personalized jewelry a special one always.

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