Personalized Initial Jewelry for Kids and Pets!

Owning a pet or having a kid is something that is always close to your heart. When you spend so much time with either of them, you always feel you are not getting enough of them. Every moment is just precious to us.

These are 6 exciting ideas when you want to choose initial jewelry for your kids or pets:

Initials and Symbols
If you have pets and you love them and want to symbolize the love and between you two. For instance, if your dog name is Bernado and you love him so much, you can customize a pendant with his name on it. Else you can have an engraved version of your pet along with a heart symbol.

Initial and Signs
Everyone loves their kids, they are always special in our life. Thier love makes the life more living and cherishes every day. So why not try something with your kid’s names on it. You can design a jewelry with the initial names of your kids. Put a different sign with them and show them that how much they mean to you.

You may have three kids namely Angelina, George and Tiana. Pick the first letter or the starting alphabet of each of your kids. A-Angelina, G- George and T- Tiana. You can have A, G and T dollars customized on your chain. You mean to say to the world, that you love all your three kids equally.

Hoops can also be a perfect idea of your jewelry. You can engrave your partner’s name, your name and your adorable daughter’s name on three independent hoops. You can then merge the pendant into one single piece. The stackable effect definitely adds to the glam.

Layered Hearts
You can have customized hearts made for your jewelry. Select hearts with engraved initials of your kid’s name on it. Attach them to independent chains and then stack them up. The layered hearts definitely gives an all-new twist to your sense of jewelry selection. You can engrave your kid’s name the heart if you would like.

Heart Shape Tag Charm | Slate & TellHEART SHAPE TAG CHARM WITH FRAME | Slate & Tell

Stars are always special to kids. Stars are symbols for brightness, lights, and colors in your life. These kids make your brighter, loving and gives light in your life. Personalize stars with the initials of each of the family members. You can either layer these into one single chain. Or have each star embedded in a separate chain and then club all three of them. This is going to be a really cool idea behind selecting initial based jewelry.

Customized Star Silver Jewelry - Slate & Tell

Fascinating picks on pets jewelry
There are some ideas of jewelry you can have for your pets. You can engrave your pet’s name on bone-shaped slates. You can include a cute-looking doggie feet, as well. Even some more symbols can be stacked together in a stacked chain. All the three engraved slates are put on a single chain and you can hang one across your pets.

Slate & Tell is an all-exclusive custom jewelry store that creates amazingly cool bunches and slates for kids and pets. Reaching the store online is just by adding to your Favorites.

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