Personalized Jewelry for Your Kids

All of you love pampering your kids. Your cute little daughter wearing her teeny weeny necklace can bring tears of joy to any adorable mom, out there.

Presenting you with terrific designs on customized jewelry for kids:

You can include a cute looking object like a teddy, a Santa Claus or a dolphin forming a part of an intricately designed pendant. These are objects girls really love wearing on. Butterflies or beads can also be very good options while you want the designer to create cute looking chains for your princess.

At Slate & Tell, which is an awesome personalized jewelry store, you can pre-order the chain the way you always wanted to, before the onset of your daughter’s birthday.

Single Stone Heart Slate
This is a single-stone heart slate, your teenage daughter will simply love wearing on. It has a single stone on the bubbly heart-shaped pendant. The setting takes shape, from the purest form of sterling silver.

You can customize this slate using a number of options. You can replace the single stone with your kid’s birthstone. The slates can also be made using 10K or 14K white/yellow/rose gold.

Stackable rings
Does your kid love explore something new? You can get her a stackable ring to woo her fancies. Fancy emoji symbols or engraved messages can be used to personalize the ring. You can include three of her best friend’s names so that she wears the ring, at all times.

Custom Stack Rings - Slate and Tell


Fun-Loving Doodads
Get to choose from a wide range of customized doodads, the store has come up with. These include Anchor, lightning bolt, crescent moon, diamond, and house-key. He/she would love including the fun-loving range on doodads for the stand-alone chains. You can also buy a silver, gold or a crystallized chain where you can conveniently place the doodads or slates on.

You, therefore, have a trendy range of jewelry for kids.

Slate and Tell has recently launched e-gift cards that can be ordered from the online store. This way, you can stack up on jewelry as and when you feel like. To reach the store online, type in on your address bar.

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