Gifts For Your Brother

Do you miss your brother who is studying or working in a different part of the country or town? If yes, there cannot be a better way to express the overwhelming love you have for your dear brother. You can give away personalized gifts that reveal his attitude or persona in a vibrant manner.

Presenting you with exotic gifts, you can give your brother, on any given occasion:

Cool Necklaces
These are engraved pendants. Slate & Tell brings customized bunches to choose from. You can either engrave his initials or that of his girlfriend. If he loves wearing an anchor designed one or one with a cross, customized bunches are available at the store upscale. Engraved messages can also be worn in the form of pendants.

You can include his birthstone on the personalized ring, you would love gifting your brother. There cannot be a better occasion to gift a birthstone ring than his very own birthday. You can select a three stone ring or a star shaped ring, if he fancies these objects. If your brother is a die-hard fan of Michael Jackson, you can have MJ engraved on the ring, as such. It gives a personalized feel to the jewelry. You also let your brother know that there cannot be a better person than you, who has understood his tastes, so well.

You can choose invigorating bracelets for your dearest brother. You can engrave personalized messages like ‘I love you brother’ or ‘You are my inspiration’. Choosing personalized messages add to the feeling of love. What you would otherwise hesitate revealing verbally can be done through intimate messages. He would wear this bracelet across his wrist, every single day. The moment he sees the message, he remembers you. The feel is simply adorable.

Charms & Dog Tags
You can choose a doodad which symbolizes your brother’s sun sign. You can attach the doodad to a chain and gift it away. You can put the lovely chain and doodad in an attractive gift box before you parcel it out to him. There are lots of ideas you can come up with. Design what your brother loves most so it makes him smile after getting it.

These are 4 adorable custom jewelry gifts you can gift your brother on his birthday or any other occasion, for that matter. Slate & Tell offers shoppers with limitless options when it comes to offering custom jewelry.

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