Fashion Ring Stacks

Get summer ready!  We have all the gossip and tips on how to build the perfect layered stack!

Stacking rings are in, are you on board with the trend?!  Anything layered on top of a single ring is called a stack.  See?  You may be a pro already!  Mixing and matching different rings allows you to create something that most likely no one else will have.  You won’t be seeing your ring twin while out shopping, and if you do, just change out a band or add another.  Or embrace the fact that someone else has the same edgy style and taste as you!

There are NO rules when it comes to creating an amazing ring stack, but we do have some tips to guide you along.  You are in great hands!  I have been in the jewelry business for almost 17 years and love all things jewelry.  Short fingers or long fingers, dainty or bold, how many to stack…we have all the answers for you NOW!

Check out these stacking styles and choose what fits you best!


This style is classic with straight lines as the entire stack includes straight or semi-straight bands.  It also makes it easier to stack many rings at once! Simple and classy. 


Evil Eye Stack

This style ring stack typically contains a focal ring paired with at least one open ring which rests against it, allowing space for the shape of the focal ring. It’s a game changer when stacking an oddly shaped ring or a ring with a big stone! It’s VERY important when stacking to make sure the shape of the rings flow well together!


Goddess Stack

This style is wide and takes up space on the finger for a nice bold look.  This creates elegance with depth and design. The BEST fingers to rock the bold style are the ring finger, middle finger and thumb.


Baby Feet Stack

Who loves to show off their kiddos?!  I do it every chance I get.  This is a great way to show off the names and birthstones of your littles!  You can also change it up and add your pet names!  Yes, we have paw prints too!

Who can wear Stacking Rings?

Everyone!  That is what is great about creating a ring stack, there is a fit for everyone.  You create what you love and what fits YOUR style.  THAT is all that matters!

Short fingers? No Problem!

A lot of our stacking/nesting rings are dainty, but durable.  They will not look huge on your finger or take up a lot of space.

Don’t go overboard either.  Keep it fun and playful! We recommend combining textures – beaded, twisted, pave and plain bands can all compliment each other well! Personalize it with a name or date while you are at it! Stamped letters, numbers & symbols available. Also offered as a blank ring…  Your choice!

How many should I stack?

That is entirely up to you, but here is my suggestion:  Three to five is a good stack.  The goal is not to go overboard for your hand style and size. (You can always take one away for a simple two-ring stack if you’re feeling it!) 

I also recommend that you consider mixing and matching the metal colors!  It creates a beautiful one-of-a-kind look.  Again, no rules, just advice to keep an open mind while picking the perfect one!  Have fun, mix it up and just be mindful of YOU when picking it out.  You know yourself best and will naturally pick what looks the best on you.  I trust you!

** This collection by Slate & Tell is handcrafted and made to order.  It is easy to create a timeless, personal piece that you will wear with confidence! Tell us your favorite style of fashion ring stack & comment below.  We want to hear from you! **

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