5 Tips to Find the Perfect Wedding Ring to Match Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring symbolizes the love and commitment you and your partner share, but choosing the perfect wedding band to complement it can be a daunting task. With so many styles, metals, and diamonds to choose from, it’s important to find a wedding ring that not only enhances your engagement ring but also suits your personal style.

Below are our Top 6 Tips that will help you find the perfect wedding band for your engagement ring, including examples of our favorite styles.

1. Choose Your Metal Color

The metal of your wedding band should match or complement the metal of your engagement ring. If your engagement ring is made of yellow gold, choose a yellow gold wedding band. If your engagement ring is white gold or platinum, consider a white gold or platinum wedding band. If you prefer a unique ring stack you have the option to mix and match your metal colors.

platinum wedding band

Ultimately, the choice of a wedding ring color is a personal one and reflects an individual’s personal style, preferences, and values. Whether you choose yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum, the most important thing is that the ring represents your love and commitment to your partner and yourself. Slate & Tell also offers recycled Sterling Silver as a way to accommodate all budgets while creating lasting jewelry.

2. Consider Your Engagement Ring Setting

The setting of your engagement ring can also impact the type of wedding band you choose. If your engagement ring has a halo setting, or elongated center stone, a curved wedding band will fit snugly against the ring and trace the diamonds. If your engagement ring has a solitaire setting or classic design, a straight wedding band will be an elegant finishing touch.

Curved Bands or Nesting Rings

This Marquise Diamond Tiara Ring adds more brilliance to your engagement ring. This wedding ring features 0.34 Ctw round and marquise Diamond accent stones designed to replicate a tiara. A nesting ring setting like this contours seamlessly along the edge of your engagement ring’s center stone adding depth and dimension to your bridal ring stack. We carry a vast selection of curved bands and nesting rings ensuring you find a perfect match.

Classic Straight Wedding Bands

This Moissanite Classic Stackable Wedding Band features a secure and long-lasting pave setting for its Moissanite accent stones. Its classic straight design, combined with the dazzling sparkle of the moissanite stones, make this ring a timeless piece that can be cherished for generations. The band can be stacked with other bands for a layered look, or fit flush against a solitaire engagement ring for a seamless appearance. Regardless of how it’s worn, this straight pave shared-prong wedding band is sure to stay in style for years to come.

3. Diamond Accents or Polished Gold Bands

For those with engagement rings featuring diamond accents, matching diamond wedding bands are a popular option. These bands can be crafted with intricate milgrain details and edging for a romantic touch, or with a simple and sleek design for a minimalist look. Another option is a

high-polished metal band, which can also be adorned with intricate details like an infinity design for added interest. The choice between a diamond wedding band and a plain metal band will ultimately depend on personal style preferences

Romantic Diamond Wedding Rings

This exquisite Diamond Milgrain Bezel Stackable Band is a timeless and romantic piece, graced by 13 sparkling diamonds, each bezel-set with precision and care. The natural diamonds, totaling 0.30 Ct with a color of H-I and clarity of SI2-I1, provide a shimmering light that is accented with delicate milgrain detailing encircling each stone. This vintage-inspired wedding band will symbolize your growing love and commitment to one another.

Traditional Gold Wedding Band

The Twine Stackable Ring is a beautiful and stylish piece of jewelry that adds a unique twist to a traditional metal wedding band. The simple yet elegant design is made of a high-quality, polished metal that provides a sleek and modern look. The stackable design of the Twine Ring allows it to be worn alone or paired with other bands, creating a customized and unique look that is perfect for a wedding band.

4. Opt For A Complete Wedding Ring Stack

To simplify the process of finding the perfect wedding band, Slate & Tell has curated a Wedding Ring Stack Collection, featuring our top engagement rings and matching wedding rings that create unique and complementary ring stacks accented with Moissanite and Diamond stones.

Turn heads with this .75 Ct Round Moissanite & .25 Ctw Diamond Infinity Millgrain Bridal Set designed with subtle vintage details and diamond accent stones. This bridal ring set consists of two stackable bands, one engagement ring with a 0.75 Ct round Diamond center, and one matching 0.15 Ctw Diamond wedding band.

5. Personalize Your Wedding Rings

Make your wedding band unique by adding a special message, date, or married name. Personalizing your wedding band adds a meaningful touch to your most treasured piece of jewelry. Custom stacking rings are wonderful additions to engagement rings and a beautiful gift to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and Mother’s Day.

A Stackable Name Ring like this one is a beautiful addition to any bridal ring stack and is an excellent gift for her to celebrate all the little moments in life. This name ring is handcrafted with care using Sterling Silver, 10K, and 14K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold, and includes up to 13 hand-stamped characters. With enough room to display the words that you hold dear, you can create a one-of-a-kind stacking ring that will be cherished for years and fits perfectly with most engagement ring styles.

Your wedding band is a symbol of your love and commitment, and it’s important to choose a band that enhances your engagement ring and fits your personal style. By considering metal, setting, diamonds or no diamonds, style, and personalizing your wedding band, you’ll find the perfect match for your engagement ring.

Our collection of Wedding Bands features more than just your typical wedding ring. In addition to our favorite designs listed in this blog, we’ve included trendy Aztec-inspired styles, diamond cluster rings, flat top stackable bands, and shared prong diamond rings that make perfect wedding and anniversary gifts.

We’ve taken all engagement ring styles into account when curating this collection. Now it’s time to find a perfect wedding band to match your beautiful engagement ring.

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