Hello, Halo!

Say HELLO to our Best Selling style Engagement Ring…

What is a Halo Ring?

This style has been around since the Victorian Era and is definitely here to stay!  I mean, who doesn’t want their hand styled like a Queen?!  Halo rings consist of a center stone surrounded by additional pave̒ stones.  These pave̒ stones flash with light and draw the eye to the stunning center stone, creating an exquisite combination.

Will the Halo ring design make my ring look bigger, more expensive?

Absolutely!  The Halo creates a beautiful illusion that makes the entire ring look bigger, including the center stone.  This gives you the look of added carat weight without removing weight from your bank account! Take a look below at this stunning Slate & Tell Oval Halo Moissanite Ring available in 10k & 14k White, Yellow or Rose Gold!

Oval Halo Moissanite Ring

Is my Halo ring safe to wear all the time?

The answer is simple, YES!  Actually, with the pave̒ stones encasing the center stone, it is much safer than a classic setting with the center stone partially exposed.

Turn it up! Or sideways…

Want a unique, fun Halo ring design that not many people have yet?  We have turned (literally) the classic halo to a modern “East/West” design!  Shown below, you will see how unique this setting is and elegant it looks paired with nesting bands/personalized bands.  This design is sure to show off your cutting-edge style!  Check out this Slate & Tell Marquise Halo set:

Eye Love It Stack


Again, YES! We wouldn’t disappoint you. The Halo ring is completely customizable, especially when stacked!  You can pair it with many styles of our nesting rings, personalized rings and wedding bands.  Choose a thin band or wide band, classic or modern, different center stone shapes, antique or modern look… the list goes on!

Non-Diamond options add to the many ways to customize.  Visit our last blog on “Say YES to Non-Diamond Engagement Rings” to tell you all about our amazing diamond substitutes.

Are the Halo rings only for engagement? 

No!  This is the only time we will tell you no…  The Halo ring can be worn as an engagement ring OR as a statement piece for the independent woman who wants to show off her style.  It’s 2020. We love nothing more than seeing a female order an engagement stack for herself… It really jazzes us up.

Many of our stacks are Personalized, so you can add your child’s name, your pet, your own name, a loved one, or a favorite word, phrase or date. With up to 13 letters on most, you can create a one-of-a-kind ring stack in minutes.  An example is shown here of the many ways to customize your Halo ring!

Halo Nesting Love Stack

This collection by Slate & Tell is handcrafted and made to order.  It is easy to create a timeless, personal piece that you will wear with confidence! Tell us your favorite style of Halo & comment below.  We want to hear from you!

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