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How to Find your Ring Size?

Finger sizing can be tricky, we know. Resizing your ring is very common, but we’d love to help you know what size to order on the first try…

We’re now offering an adjustable ring sizer with FREE express shipping – so you can get your size dialed in & ordered before your next holiday or event!

Here’s how to do it:

Choose the finger you’ll be wearing the ring on. All fingers vary in size – even the same finger on both hands can differ in size.

  • Loop the sizer like a zip tie. (Don’t worry – it won’t get stuck like a zip tie.)
  • Keep it as round as possible for the best accuracy.
  • Bring it just over your knuckle and pull it tight.
  • Now push the gauge all the way down your finger without tightening it and note the size.
  • Take it off by rocking it over your knuckle, rather than pulling it straight off
  • Tighten it a half size and push it back to the base of your finger. (This will let you know if you need a slightly tighter fit.)
  • Take it off to see if it loosened to the original size or if it stayed smaller.
  • The size it is now is the ring size you most likely need.

What shape are my fingers?

Your finger shape may determine whether you should size up or down.

Medium Knuckle – Lucky you! Your knuckles won’t hinder your ring from sliding on, but will keep it secured once it is on.

Large Knuckle – Your knuckle is larger than the base of your finger, so you should size it appropriately. You want it to be as tight as can be conveniently removed, as it will most likely spin.

Tapered Finger – The base is wider than your knuckle, so you’ll need to size most accurately. Don’t go too big, as your knuckle won’t be keeping your ring from falling off.

Do my fingers change size?

Yes! Everyone’s fingers increase and decrease in size during the day, some more significantly than others.

Elements affecting my ring size

Some daily factors that affect the size of your fingers include:

  • Temperature / weather – Your finger size increases in hot weather.
  • Time of day – Many people’s fingers are smaller in the morning.
  • Activity level – Your fingers may swell after a long walk or work out.
  • Diet – Salt & alcohol may also cause swelling in your fingers, temporarily increasing the size.

Stylistic elements affecting my size

Consider the style of the ring and how it differs from the ring sizer gauge you are using:

  • Width – If the ring you’re purchasing is wider than the ring gauge, you might want to size up a 1/4 or even a 1/2 size. (This also applies to Ring Stacks, because they cover a wide area on your finger.)
  • Flat or rounded – A ring with rounded edge or comfort fit interior will slide over your knuckle easier than a flat interior.

We recommend that you track your size a few times over the course of a day or two to determine the average number.

How should it fit?

You want your ring to slide on fairly easily and take effort to come off. Here are some questions to consider:

  • How often will I be wearing it? The more frequently you take it off, the less snug you want it to be.
  • Do my fingers change size significantly? You’ll want to allow for hot days & swelling.
  • Are my fingers tapered? If your knuckles are not distinguished you’ll want to avoid going too big in size as not to risk losing it.
  • Is there a center stone I want facing up? The looser the ring, the more it will spin on your finger. Size down slightly to keep the center stone upright.
  • Is this process 100% accurate? No. Ring sizers vary slightly and many factors go into sizing your finger. But this is a safe and easy way to accurately do it from home!

If you’re still not totally sure of your size, or are gifting a ring – no need to worry. We offer FREE resizing! Stones or no stones, personalized, engagement… No fees. No shipping charge. We really just want you to LOVE your purchase!

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