How to Wear your Moissanite Jewelry Everyday

Our favorite jewelry is one that makes you feel most confident and is a constant reflection of your most brilliant self. Slate & Tell’s Moissanite collection has a sparkle that shines perfectly with any outfit you like, whether you’re a bride-to-be or just heading into the office.

It’s a stunning shimmer that Moissanite radiates, one that’s often mistaken for a classic Diamond, but has more fire and brilliance than you could imagine. We’re confident that our Moissanite at Slate & Tell will be your gem of choice when shopping for bridal and everyday essentials.


Continue reading to learn about our staple Moissanite designs.

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a lab-created gemstone that is typically used as a Diamond alternative. This stone has a lot of the same properties as a Diamond. A few of Moissanite’s properties include strong durability and a lustrous sparkle, and it uses the same color grading scale as a Diamond.

Also, because this gem is a lab-created stone it’ll give you a lot of wiggle room in your budget to achieve a bigger look without splurging. This gemstone comes in an array of shapes and sizes, making it a great center stone option for all kinds of jewelry.

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Most times when you are looking at Moissanite jewelry it’s often set in an engagement ring because it’s a great diamond alternative. Using Moissanite as a center stone will allow you to get the big Diamond look we all admire. This collection offers a variety of styles that each individual will love and cherish for many years to come.

Keep it Traditional

Every bride dreams of having a beautiful engagement ring that is a constant reminder of your growing relationship. Our Oval Moissanite Half Moon Three Stone Ring is a stunning representation of your past, present, and future as a couple. The classic design features a 2.5 Ct oval Moissanite center stone and 0.90 Ctw half moon Moissanite accent stones.

3.40 Ctw Oval Moissanite Half Moon Three Stone Ring

A ring like this is sure to give an eye-catching sparkle that everyone will notice – especially on your big day.

Classic designs like the Moissanite & Diamond Hidden Halo Personalized Engagement Ring Stack are always top sellers. This ring stack features a 4 Ct round Moissanite accented with a 0.21 Ctw Diamond hidden halo within the solitaire setting. This specific design gives you the timeless elegance of a classic solitaire ring while providing a modern touch of sparkle at all the right angles.

Moissanite & Diamond Hidden Halo Personalized Engagement Ring Stack

The round Moissanite and Diamond ring stack also includes our Stackable Name Ring and a 0.33 Ctw Diamond Classic Stackable Band. Our favorite part about this bridal ring set is that you can stack and personalize the wedding bands in whichever way you like.

Have Fun with Moissanite

Slate & Tell’s Moissanite collection has a lot of versatile pieces that can be worn for any occasion. Jewelry like this is a fun way to elevate your attire and make a statement. Some of our favorite bridal rings can double as essential fashion rings, like our vintage Moissanite & Diamond Sunburst Halo Engagement Ring. A ring like this will look stunning as a right-hand ring for a special event.

.5 Ct Pear Moissanite & .84 ctw Diamond Sunburst Halo Engagement Ring

This ring features a stunning 0.50 Ct pear Moissanite center stone, with 0.84 Ctw Diamond accent stones creating a sunburst halo. Our vintage pear ring will add extra sparkle and transform the vibe of your look. In addition, you can also include stacking rings to really show off your style this season.

Moissanite Jewelry Essentials

Slate & Tell’s Moissanite rings with gold metal can create a brilliant ring stack perfect for everyday wear. With each person having their own style preference we created an array of designs from single prong bands to nesting designs and even beautiful Moissanite anniversary bands.

A Classic Anniversary Gift

Our 1 Ctw Round Moissanite Half Eternity Stackable Ring features 5 round Moissanite accent stones secured in place with a single-prong design. Having 5 gemstones in this white gold Moissanite ring can symbolize 5 years of growing love, making this ring a great wedding anniversary gift.

1 Ctw Round Moissanite Half Eternity Stackable Ring

Anniversary rings can be styled with your engagement ring or worn as a right-hand ring and paired with other Slate & Tell stacker rings to create a fashionable ring stack.

Studs You Can Dress Up or Down

A classic stud is a timeless staple in every wardrobe. We’ve created a few designs for you to wear alone or stacked with other Slate & Tell earrings. When styling moissanite studs you have many options to create a great ear stack by combining different materials, lengths, and gems.

moissanite studs 2 Ctw Round Moissanite Martini Stud Earrings

These 2 Ctw Round Moissanite Martini Stud Earrings will be a great addition to your jewelry box and a staple piece that you’ll always catch yourself falling back on. They feature a minimalist setting with a 1 Ct round Moissanite being the center of attention. If you’re someone who loves stacking earrings, we recommend dressing these studs up with a pair of huggies and an ear-climber.

Our Moissanite collection is one that’s here to stay with top new styles all year round. We’ve created everything from bridal to casual while keeping all aesthetics in mind. You can easily shop your moissanite essentials here, and follow our Instagram for the latest lifestyle trends.

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