Say YES to Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Non-Diamond Engagement Rings are an increasingly popular market. Aside from being beautiful and unique, they offer more affordable options for the look & value you desire! With a wedding and future expenses to consider, alternative stones have become incredibly appealing.

Two main things you want to consider when purchasing a Non-Diamond Engagement Ring are, of course, how it looks and also how well it will hold up in everyday-wear.

Moissanite & Morganite are two of our absolute favorite Diamond alternatives, which is why we decided to add them both to our Wedding Collection! Not too familiar with these gems?

Let us introduce you…


Color & Shine

A less traditional, but widely desirable option, Morganite is known for its elegant rose-coloring. The natural pale pink color comes from traces of the mineral Manganese found in the gem. It is, by far, one of the most popular non-diamond Engagement Ring Stones.

We recommend a Rose Gold Band to complement the peachy pink Morganite Stone — A match made in heaven!

Rings available in 10K & 14K White, Yellow & Rose Gold.


On the Moh’s Scale of Hardness, Morganite is rated 7.5 to 8 and is one of the most scratch-resistant gems. It is not quite as hard as Moissanite, but still extremely durable and entirely suitable for everyday wear.

Note: The Diamond Halo around the Morganite stone is not just beautiful to look at, but also adds extra protection for your stone!


Color & Shine

Generally the hue & color can vary, but the Moissanite Stone we offer is clear & colorless like that of a diamond. Its brilliance and shine are unmatched, as it actually has a higher refractive index than a diamond. (Diamond: 2.42, Moissanite: 2.65)In terms of appearance and durability, Moissanite is absolutely the closest diamond substitute available.

We recommend a White Gold Band to enhance the brilliance of the Moissanite Stone… But of course, it’s your preference!

Rings available in 10K & 14K White, Yellow & Rose Gold.


Moissanite is rated a 9.25 in hardness, making it exceptionally scratch resistant. In fact, it is one of the hardest substances on Earth. Similar to diamonds, this stone will surely last the rest of your lifetime and beyond.

Now that we’ve opened your eyes to these two amazing alternatives, you’re one step closer to finding the perfect ring for you! Shopping for Engagement Rings is not just fun and (super) exciting, but SO worth exploring your options.

For more ways to #reinventtheringfinger, read our last blog on Wedding Ring stacking! Tell us your favorite non-diamond stone in the comments below!

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