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Personalized Necklaces

Who doesn’t want to woo their partner with trend-setting designs on jewelry? You get personalized pendants and chains in an affordable price range. So who is going to say no?

Presenting you with 4 resplendent varieties of personalized necklaces:

All Mine Bunch
This is a personalized slate you can go in for. The heart shaped pendant contains the word ‘mine’. It is your soul-mate, for sure. On a rectangular bar, you have Joshua. Either of the partners are calling out to one another. This is the sweetest expression of love. You can attach an independent 16” or 18” sterling silver necklace. The personalized necklace is all out, to express love like never before.

Lovely Letter Bunch
Do you have a girlfriend named Eva? Then this is a slate that can look super-cool on your charm. The letter E comes along with a cute heart shaped pendant. A 16’’ yellow-link chain can really be gorgeous while you attach the pendant.

Brady Bunch
This is a stylish and a super-cool necklace you can choose for your partner. The exclusive pendant cum chain set comprises of adorable charms. These are House on Oval doodad, vintage key, and pierced rectangle slate. A 30” black metal chain comes along with the personalized set of bunches. Your boyfriend will really feel touched if you present one for his birthday.

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Kiss Me Bunch
You discover yet another trendy variety on personalized necklaces.  You can exclusively gift one to your partner. The romantic quotient between the two of you can double up with this model on pendant cum chain. The lovable objects include heart tag doodad, kissable lips, and an amazingly cool framed slate. The rounded slate can include the initials of your boyfriend or fiancé.

18” sterling silver necklace is also included as a package deal. One of the trendiest ready to wear personalized necklaces can be availed under the $100 mark.

Slate & Tell is a unique personalized store that comes up with trendy doodads, heart-warming slates and lot many. Discover the store online by visiting

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