Stock Up on Personalized Stackable Rings

You can go for a delectable collection of customized stackable rings, for the upcoming spring. The designs are so cool that you fall in love with these.

Presenting you with top 4 designs on stackable rings:

Name Rings
You can select three independent names to etch on each of the rings. It can be Alison, Georgia, and Peter. You can wear the ring just to show the world, how three of you are so closely associated with one another. It is a stackable wear, you add to the lovely collection.

Fashion Rings
If you are a classically styled beauty, you can collect five rings of plain yellow, copper or cobalt fused ring. Oxidized sterling silver rings can also be fascinating while you wear one, for a great party outing. The rings are plain but the stackable wear reveals your classic styled persona, the fabulous way.

Initial Rings
You want to create the initial for your boyfriend or fiancé, you can place or etch the initials thereon. One ring can be a plain one, you place the initials of the soul-mate, upon the central ring where most of the focus is on.

While for the third ring, you can try placing the birthstone of your loved one. The power-packed selection on the stackable ring can give you the woo effect.

Customized Brand On Sterling Silver
This is yet another trend-setting design on custom-styled jewelry. You have three rings on sterling silver, clubbed together, to form an incredibly fascinating stackable wear. You then place the jump rings on the first and the third ring. The style and the creativity of the ring can turn heads towards you.

These are four absolutely stunning picks on stackable rings. Slate and Tell is one store of its kind where customer’s imagination is what goes into the making while carving out jewel sets. Reach the sprawling brand online via

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