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Top 3 Platinum Wedding Bands

A wedding band is a commital ring you wear after exchanging vows during your wedding ceremony. It’s commonly worn in addition to your engagement ring, making it important to love the way both rings look together. Our wedding bands come in many designs and are created with intricate detailing using a variety of precious metals.

Recently, we’ve designed stackable wedding rings that are available in platinum. This metal is new to our site and is responsibly sourced making it a top metal option for any piece of jewelry. Platinum metal maintains a natural white color and has lifelong durability, giving you peace of mind when selecting platinum wedding bands.

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What is Platinum?

This precious metal was discovered during the ancient Egyptian era and rose in popularity again in the late 1700s because of its malleability. A precious metal like this has been sought after by royalty worldwide because of how pure the metal is. It gives off a silver-white color, and has a lot of the same qualities as 10k or 14k gold, but requires less upkeep. Therefore platinum metal does not tarnish as easily as gold and is a great metal option for fine jewelry if you’re seeking a white-gold look.

Our platinum metal provides a timeless elegance using responsibly sourced materials. The materials that make up platinum are denser than the weight of gold, making it a more durable material. When shopping for jewelry that you plan on wearing for a lifetime, such as an engagement or wedding ring, you’ll want the best quality that also includes a lifetime warranty.

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A few different materials make up finished platinum jewelry. Metal is commonly rated by its percentage of pureness with platinum being at the top of the list. This metal is 95% pure and mixed with 5% alloy materials. Alloys are typically made from copper, palladium, and rhodium. The high percentage of pure platinum we use to create our jewelry signifies a responsible material you’ll be proud to wear daily.

A Platinum Perk – this metal is hypoallergenic approved! No more struggling to find jewelry when dealing with allergies.

Top 3 Platinum Stackable Rings

There are many ways to style stackable wedding bands, and with each person having their own unique style we’ve handcrafted designs to fit all aesthetics. This will make it easy for you to find your perfect platinum wedding band to complete your bridal ring set, or be the start of a modern ring stack.

1. Our Classic Stackable Ring is a modern bride’s dream and is a timeless reflection of true love. This platinum band is a beautiful start to creating an everlasting ring stack. This ring features a petite 1.8mm platinum band polished to perfection. Our Classic Stackable Ring will pair well with any engagement ring but will look best next to a solitaire engagement ring.

2. A romantic-loving bride will admire the dainty design of our Twine Stackable Band. This ring is created using our platinum metal and intricate woven details that provide a delicate shimmer of light. The Twine Stackable Band is a beautiful anniversary or birthday gift. An infinity ring designed like this will look great styled between a diamond pave engagement ring and wedding band creating the desired contrast.

3. Classic and timeless rings will forever be a top-selling item at Slate & Tell, but our moissanite accented rings are brilliantly eye-catching. The Moissanite Classic Stackable Band features a low profile setting to allow maximum comfort, while 0.32 Ct round Moissanite stones accent the platinum band. A stunning ring to gift your loved one for any occasion.

Styling our Platinum Stackable Bands

Our customers love to mix and match stacking bands and pair platinum with other metals such as sterling silver or gold. Doing so gives you an advantage when wanting to achieve a completely customizable wedding ring stack. As stacked rings rise in demand were so excited to share these stackable bands with you!

Platinum Stackable Bands

Whether you decide to style them together or separate our styling options are endless with Slate & Tell’s stackable platinum rings. Each of our Top-3 platinum wedding bands will enhance the overall look of your bridal ring set. Knowing you’re receiving high-quality jewelry with a lifetime warranty gives our customers peace of mind when wearing our Slate & Tell platinum jewelry.

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