Top Jewelry Gifts for November Zodiacs: Scorpio & Sagittarius

At Slate & Tell we’ve become widely known for our handmade personalized jewelry featuring classic Mother’s Rings, Custom Necklaces, Moissanite Engagement Rings, and Wedding Bands. Now we have included even more personalized fashion jewelry that is handcrafted for your everyday wear and meant to show off your astrological star sign. Our Zodiac Collection is a new favorite and makes shopping for yourself and your friends so much fun this holiday season.

The month of November has two different zodiac placements. The beginning of the month starts with the Scorpio zodiac sign and continues into Sagittarius towards the end of the month. Continue reading to learn about both zodiac placements and what jewelry would be the best match based on your birth sign.

Gifts for Scorpio Friends

A Scorpio zodiac sign is the eighth sign of the zodiac constellation and is a fixed water sign. People born Scorpio tend to stay calm and discrete while maintaining a mysterious energy that is incredibly passionate and creative. Scorpio season takes place October 23 – November 21st, so if you or a loved one have a birthday to celebrate during this time we have gathered our top two zodiac jewelry items for you.

  1. The In The Stars Zodiac Ring Stack is a bold set to gift your Scorpio friend or for self-purchase. This ring stack features three of our best-selling stackable rings and is handcrafted in your choice of Sterling Silver, 10K, and 14K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold. This stack has a bold script ring reading Scorpio, a classic stacking band accented with CZ, and a heart-stamped ring to show love for your water sign. As always, Diamond upgrade options are available for this celestial zodiac ring stack. 

2. A Zodiac Bracelet for Scorpio placement is a delicate way to add layers to your everyday look. This link bracelet is handcrafted in Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold Plated Silver. The classic chain link design showcases a charming Scorpio pendant that is finished with a high polish for extra shine.

Whether you choose a CZ script ring stack or a classic charm bracelet meant for layering your Scorpio friend will adore either style as they’ll feel this special connection deeply.

Gifts for Sagittarius Friends

Someone with a Sagittarius placement will be the most unique person you have ever met. They are passionate, curious, and eager to learn while remaining adaptable to any social setting. Sagittarius season is from November 22nd – December 21st and is the ninth placement within the zodiac calendar, represented by the bow and arrow. Our team has selected the best two jewelry gifts for our Sagittarius friends. 

  1. The Pavé Zodiac Open Ring is handcrafted in your choice of Sterling Silver, 10K and 14K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold. This stackable ring is accented with CZ stones and features an open-concept design that any Sagittarius will find intriguing as they like to push the limits. One open end has a single CZ gemstone and the other displays a classic pavé Sagittarius bow and arrow symbol. This ring pairs well with our Zodiac Script Ring.

2. Our Zodiac Charm necklace is handcrafted in Sterling Silver, 10K and 14K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold. This Sagittarius charm pendant is handmade and finished with a high polish for extra shine. Select your favorite Slate & Tell adjustable necklace chain to complete this look to celebrate your Sagittarius friend throughout the month of December. 

Our Zodiac Collection is made for a daughter, best friend, or all your loved ones to celebrate birthdays and monumental moments. It can even be something just as thoughtful as a “thinking of you” gift. Shop the best deals of the year with our Biggest Black Friday Sale now and treat yourself or a friend to a fun celestial Christmas gift. Our zodiac collection is curated with handmade jewelry and is meant for stacking or layering with your favorite accessories.

Are you a November Scorpio or a November Sagittarius? Shop Slate & Tell’s top picks now.

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