Hey Taurus, what’s your Birthstone?

The two zodiac signs associated with May, are Taurus and Gemini. Taurus birthdays fall between April 20th and May 20th. The Taurus symbol is represented by a bull, which also represents the strength- and sometimes stubbornness of the sign! The Taurus is an earth sign, and Taureans are known to be intelligent, dependable, hardworking, loyal, and stubborn! Geminis are represented by the “twin” symbol. The gemini is always excited to try new things and are very fluid in their thoughts. Additionally, the May birthstone is the lovely emerald, which is a gem that carries a rich green color. 

The finest emeralds are known to be sourced from Colombia for over five hundred years. Emeralds can range in color (from light to dark green). The emerald itself celebrates the rebirth of life, including in our earth. Represented by its color, the rich green of the emerald represents the blooming of life from our green earth. Shop some of our favorite gifts and styles for May birthdays below! 

Since mother’s day also falls in May, one of our best selling styles at Slate and Tell, the Three Birthstone Mothers Ring is the perfect gift for mom! This ring features three bands that meet in the middle, all personalizable with names and birthstones (for any important people in her life!) This ring starts at $119 for sterling silver, and can be upgraded to 10k or 14k, white, rose or yellow gold! Shop it here!

Another gift option for anyone special that celebrates a may birthday is the Pavé Initial Open Ring. This ring features a capital pavé initial that meets the other side of the band, with a lovely birthstone placed at the end. This ring is a meaningful gift  for anyone to receive and will be treasured forever. This ring starts at $79 for sterling silver, and can be upgraded to 10k or 14k, whie, yellow or rose gold. Shop it here!

Another top ring style that makes an amazing birthday gift, is the Pavé Zodiac Ring. The Pavé Zodiac ring features your personalized zodiac sign in cubic zirconia stones, like the one below, featuring the Gemini twin symbol. This ring comes in sterling silver for $69 and can be upgraded to 10k, 14k, yellow, white or rose gold. Shop it here!

One of our clients’ favorite styles from Slate and Tell, is the Birthstone Name Ring. While it may be simple, it is the gift that keeps on giving, signifying someone special in your life with our personalization, and the additional birthstone to make it extra special. Add your own name, the name of someone you love or even your pet’s name and birthstone! This ring starts at $69 in sterling silver, and can be upgraded to 10k, or 14k, white, yellow, or rose gold. Shop it here!

Slate & Tell has endless customizable options for May birthdays, Mother’s Day and more so be sure to check out all of our styles and new arrivals at www.slateandtell.com

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