Wedding Ring Stacking: 101

These days, choosing your Wedding Ring(s) can be trickier than you’d think. There are SO many styling options; Do you prefer timeless, or trendy? Simple or extravagant?

One thing is for certain: EVERY girl wants to be unique.

Personalized Ring Stack

Let’s determine what makes something unique.

The way it looks? Sure.

The way it FEELS? Getting closer…

The way it speaks?

Nailed it!

If you want your wedding rings to tell a love story… YOUR love story…

Consider this stacking formula:

1. Nesting Ring

A band that curves alongside your Engagement Ring to accentuate the look and add versatility.

We recommend the Pear Shaped Stone Nesting Ring from our Wedding Collection.

2. Engagement Ring

Whether it’s a solitaire or multi-stone design, this ring is a statement piece which represents love & commitment to your partner. How much should be spent on an Engagement Ring?

Here’s what we say: With new generations and contemporary lifestyles, the monetary value of your Engagement Ring could never be measured to its sentimental value and what it represents.

We recommend the Halo Stone Ring from our Wedding Collection.

3. Wedding Ring

Simpler, typically a band, this ring is meant to complement your Engagement ring while further symbolizing loyalty and devotion. For styling purposes, we suggest a contrasted band, such as a stone or diamond band if your engagement ring has a classic metal band, or vice versa.

We recommend the Classic Stone Ring from our Wedding Collection.

4. Personalized Ring

This is where we get creative. This ring completes the aesthetic of the stack; it’s the total cherry on top! Personalized Rings add a level of meaning that no other rings provide. Sterling Silver, 10K or 14K Gold, stamp it with your spouse’s first or last name, or your wedding date and we guarantee it will be the piece that melts hearts.

We recommend the Personalized Eternity Ring from our Wedding Collection.

Now that you have officially understood our take on the four main components of a meaningful Wedding Ring Stack, you’re on your way to #reinventtheringfinger! Trust us, we got the LOOK covered. Now the rest is on you…

Give those rings a love story!

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