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The two zodiac signs associated with July, are Cancer and Leo. Cancer birthdays fall between July 1st and July 22nd. The Cancer symbol is represented by a crab, which also represents the strength- and sometimes stubbornness of the sign! The Taurus is a water sign, and Cancers are known to be loyal, protective, intuitive, and caring! Cancers can also be sensitive, moody, and overall emotional. The birthdates of Leos fall between July 11nd and August 22nd, and are represented by the Lion. The Leo is associated with the mythological Nemean lion, from Greek mythology. The Leos tend to be warm, dynamics and extremely passionate. They are also strong and brave, and lead their lives with intent. 

The birthstone for July is the pink ruby, also known as the king of precious stones, because of its rarity and hardness, only second to the diamond. The Pink ruby has been associated with life force, wealth, health and wisdom. The pink ruby is one of the most durable and expensive gemstones and can go up to $1,000,000 per carat. The pink ruby can vary from red to pink and even dark to brownish reds. The ruby is most commonly sourced from Thailand and Cambodia, as well as Afghanistan, Colombia, India and even Australia. 

A timeless gifting option for any July birthday, is the In the stars Zodiac Ring Stack. This ring stack features a zodiac script ring, a pavé classic stackable band, and a heart stamped ring. This ring stack comes in sterling silver for $149, and can be upgraded to 10k or 14k white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold for $949 – $1,049. The pave band comes in cubic zirconia, and can also be upgraded to pavé diamonds, set in white, yellow or rose gold for $1,049. The In the Stars Zodiac Ring Stack is the perfect gift for your zodiac-obsessed loved one in your life. Shop it here!  

The 5 Stone Birthstone Ring features five birthstones of your choice, which makes it the ultimate gift to anyone in your life. Whether you want to put your family’s birthstones, or even your pets, your loved one can wear her favorite birthstones to represent the ones she loves, everywhere she goes. The 5 Stone Birthstone Ring starts at $109 in sterling silver, and can be upgraded to 10k or 14k white, yellow or rose gold, for $319 – $399. Shop it here!

The Pavé Initial Open Ring Stack makes an incredible gift for any mom! This ring stack features three rings that each feature one initial and one birthstone, that meet at the center of the ring, leaving a small opening between the initial and the birthstone. 

The Pavé initial open ring stack starts at $169 in sterling silver, and can be upgraded to 10k or 14k white, rose or yellow gold, for $899 – $979. Shop the stack here! These rings can also be purchased individually starting at $79. Shop it here!

For any new July mommys, Slate & Tell has the most thoughtful gift a new mother could receive. The New Mommy Birthstone Name Necklace, features a small personalized vertical bar charm, and a small baby footprint cutout charm, which also features a birthstone. Not only is this one of the cutest little footprints you may ever see, but it also represents a new mothers love for her baby. She can layer this necklace with others, and still keep her newborn close to her heart. This necklace includes a cable chain, and comes in sterling silver for $79. Shop it here!

Let’s not forget about our fur-babies! One of our best sellers in the pet-lovers category is the Birthstone paw Print Pet Name Ring. This ring features a paw print cutout, your pet’s birthstone, and can be personalized with your pets name. This ring is the most incredible gift to give any pet-lover to keep their pets close everyday! The ring starts at $69 in sterling silver, and can be upgraded to 10k, or 14k yellow, white or rose gold for $389 – $439. Shop it here!

Slate & Tell has endless options for July birthdays, and all birthstones and zodiac signs, to make your loved ones smile on their birthday! Shop our entire collection at

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