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Create Your Own Engagement Ring With Slate & Tell Customizations

Slate & Tell is at the forefront of offering engagement rings that combine modern aesthetics with ethical considerations. Our new customizable functionality is all about empowering you to design a ring that speaks to your unique love story.

Below we’ll guide you through using our Create Your Own engagement ring functionality.

Step 1: Choose A Setting

Embark on your journey to find the perfect engagement ring by exploring our exquisite collection of engagement ring settings. We have meticulously crafted each setting not only to embrace and secure your chosen center stone but also to enhance its natural radiance, ensuring that your engagement ring remains a timeless symbol of your love story.

Design Your Engagement Rings

Within this step, your exploration begins with a diverse range of settings, each thoughtfully designed to suit a variety of preferences, styles, and individual personalities. As you delve into this exciting process, take into account the distinct details of each engagement ring setting:

  • Classic Solitaire Setting: It elegantly spotlights a single center stone, showcasing its beauty without any distractions.
  • Secret Halo Setting: This setting showcases pavé diamonds glistening along galleries and accenting the base of your center stone. A secret halo adds a touch of sparkle to classic solitaire rings and pavé bands that are subtle in the most romantic way.
  • Hidden Halo Setting: A secret halo engagement ring setting discreetly positions a halo of smaller accent diamonds underneath the center stone’s setting. This unique design creates the illusion of a larger, more prominent center stone while maintaining a sleek and refined appearance.
  • Twisted Vine Setting: A nature-inspired design with a band resembling vines, symbolizing unity and growth through intricate details.
  • Pavé Diamond Setting: The band is adorned with closely set small diamonds, adding luxurious shimmer and sparkle.
  • Three Stone Setting: Features a center stone between two smaller stones, symbolizing past, present, and future moments.

Select Your Metal

The selection of the metal type for your engagement ring is a crucial decision that contributes to the ring’s overall style and durability. Common options like platinum offer timeless elegance and exceptional durability, while white gold presents a similar appearance at a friendlier price point. Rose gold adds a touch of warmth and romance, while yellow gold exudes classic charm. Each metal has its unique characteristics, allowing you to personalize your ring to match your taste and lifestyle, ensuring it remains a cherished symbol for years to come.

Create Your Engagement Rings

Slate & Tell Metal Options:

  • 10K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold
  • 14K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold
  • Platinum

As you explore these setting options, envision how each style and metal option aligns with your personal style, the wearer’s personality, and the narrative your engagement ring will convey. You can see each setting as a canvas for your love story, eagerly anticipating your choice to finalize its masterpiece. Once you discover the setting and metal choice that resonates with your heart, you’re prepared to proceed to the next step in crafting your dream engagement ring.

Step 2: Choose A Center Stone

The engagement ring setting may showcase intricate detailing, but it’s the center stone that truly takes center stage. Slate & Tell’s create-your-own gemstone feed allows you to choose from certified Lab Diamond and Moissanite center stones. Select the shape, cut, and carat weight that aligns with your vision, allowing your ring to narrate a story that is unmistakably yours.

What Is A Moissanite Center Stone?

Design Your Own Engagement Rings

A moissanite center stone is a lab-created gem often used in jewelry, particularly in engagement rings, due to its remarkable brilliance and fire, which closely resemble diamonds. It’s a popular and more affordable alternative to natural diamonds, offering larger carat sizes for less cost, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a bigger stone without the higher price tag.

Moissanite Engagement Rings

What Is A Lab Diamond Center Stone?

A lab diamond center stone is a gem created in a lab that resembles natural diamonds in every way. Grown using advanced methods, it has the same chemical composition and physical properties. These diamonds offer the same brilliance and durability as mined ones. They’re also more ethical and environmentally friendly, and often come at a more competitive price, allowing for larger or higher-quality stones within a budget.

Make Your Engagement Rings

The choice of an engagement ring center stone and your desired shape is pivotal. This choice significantly influences the ring’s visual impact and narrative. Options like moissanite offer affordability and brilliance resembling diamonds, while lab-grown diamonds provide ethical and environmentally conscious alternatives. This decision enables personalization, storytelling, and aligning aesthetics with values.

Step 3: Complete Your Ring

During this stage, carefully review all the details to ensure that the ring aligns with your preferences. Confirm that every aspect meets your desires before proceeding to add the custom engagement ring to your cart.

Once complete, your journey to a Slate & Tell engagement ring is as unique as your one true love. Craft a symbol of your commitment that reflects your values, captures your essence, and encapsulates the promise of forever. Begin your creative exploration today and let your imagination guide you to a truly exceptional piece of artistry.

Choose Your Own Engagement Rings

The Total Package

It’s important to note that both Slate & Tell Lab Diamonds and Moissanite are certified gemstones, ensuring their quality and authenticity. These certifications provide you with confidence needed when investing in genuine and high-quality gemstones. Whether you opt for a Slate & Tell Lab Diamond or Moissanite, you can trust that your selected gemstone meets the necessary standards and specifications.

A Promise To You:

  • 60-Day Risk-Free: Enjoy a generous 60-day risk-free trial period with both options, allowing you to wear and appreciate your chosen gemstone before committing.
  • Free Lifetime Warranty: Rest easy with a free lifetime warranty, guaranteeing the quality and longevity of your gemstone.
  • Free Ring Resizing: Need a different size? Both Slate & Tell Lab Diamonds and Moissanite offer free ring resizing for a comfortable fit.
  • Free Personalization: Customize your piece to reflect your unique style and preferences with free personalization options.
  • Free Shipping & Returns: Regardless of your choice, benefit from free shipping and easy returns, making your purchase convenient and risk-free.

Ways to Pay:

  • Explore flexible payment options with monthly payment plans available through reputable providers like Affirm, Sezzle, and Synchrony. These plans make your purchase more manageable and align with your budget, ensuring you can acquire the gemstone of your choice without financial strain (learn more).

Create Your Own Engagement Ring Today.

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