Fall for Blues with Our New Tanzanite Jewelry Collection

At Slate & Tell, we love creating new designs with colorful gemstones that bring life to all jewelry styles. Whether it be in bridal rings, or fashion rings, we have the best blue gem for you! Add blue hues this season with our newest Tanzanite Ring Collection, our most loved gemstone to date, and your new favorite blues.

Slate & Tell’s natural Tanzanite gemstone rings are perfect for all occasions. They can be used as engagement rings, anniversary, and promise rings, as well as fashion, and birthstone rings for your December birthday.

Tanzanite is a genuine newcomer to the colored gemstone rings offered at Slate & Tell, so before we discuss this beautiful collection, let’s dive deep into what this vibrant blue gemstone has to offer.   

About the Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite has a lustrous fire and brilliance with colors ranging from blue hues to red violets. Our genuine Tanzanite gemstone is found only in one very small part of the world, making it rarer to find than a Diamond. The name Tanzanite originates from where it was discovered back in the 1960s in Tanzania, a small country in Africa. 

With so much history behind this beautiful blue and violet gem, many designers, royals like Kate Middleton, and everyday jewelry customers have an eye for it due to its higher value. Tanzanite is a good investment stone, as the natural supply will soon end, thus increasing its rarity and making it even more valuable than other gemstones. It is now being brought back to life with beautifully created Slate & Tell designs made just for you. 

Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite Bridal Edition

There are many gemstone options for engagement rings so it’s very important to us that you learn about our newest colored stone that looks stunning and is set in classic engagement rings with a wide selection of contemporary and vintage-inspired designs.

Pop the Question with Blue

If you’re opting for a budget-friendly Diamond alternative engagement ring, this new collection is for you! With colored gemstones in high demand for engagement rings, we revamped our selection to provide you with a new center stone color option. One that is so stunning with blues as deep as your love. 

This Oval Tanzanite and Diamond Vintage Halo Ring will take your breath away when proposing. It features a 2.5-carat oval cut Tanzanite gemstone, accented with 4-NSEW positioned round brilliant Diamonds at 0.04 Ctw set on a high-polished Sterling Silver solitaire ring with royal-like details that will make any bride-to-be feel unique and mesmerized.

Oval Tanzanite & Diamond Vintage Halo Ring

If you love classic round-cut engagement rings but must have a touch of color, this ring is for you! Our Tanzanite and Diamond Vintage Flora Halo Engagement Ring feature a stunning 2-carat round cut Tanzanite center stone, accented with a delicate flora halo, and 9 sparkling round Diamonds at 0.09 Ctw. This ring is full of romance and will make any engagement proposal unforgettable.

Tanzanite and Diamond Vintage Flora Halo Engagement Ring

PRO TIP – Either style allows your wedding band to sit flush with the desired Tanzanite engagement ring creating a stunning Tanzanite bridal ring stack.

Anniversary Gifts for Her 

A genuine gemstone for the 24th wedding anniversary. As each wedding anniversary has its own anniversary gemstone and meaning, we are so thrilled to include this in our growing collection of colored gemstone rings. The 24th year is so special and unique, just like the chosen Tanzanite gemstone, but if you’re still young lovebirds this gem is meant for you.

A gemstone made to be the center of attention with this unique twisting solitaire setting. Our Tanzanite & Diamond Twist Solitaire Ring includes a breathtaking 2.5 Ct oval cut Tanzanite center stone, while the twisting band is accented with 0.04 Ctw round cut Diamonds that provide extra sparkle within its polished band. 

Tanzanite & Diamond Twist Solitaire Ring

Tanzanite Fashion Essentials

Everyday fashion rings look stunning when designed with Slate & Tell’s Tanzanite gemstones. Here are two of our favorite Tanzanite Cocktail Rings that look great worn for any occasion, and have the flexibility to be stacked with other Slate & Tell rings. 

  • Tanzanite & Diamond V-Shaped Ring features a delicate 0.47 Ct Tanzanite gemstone and 0.07 Ctw Diamond accent stones adorning the geometric V-shaped Sterling Silver band. A stellar ring to elevate your everyday ring stack with Slate & Tell gemstones. 
Tanzanite & Diamond V-Shaped Ring
  • Tanzanite & Diamond Open Stackable Ring A dainty sterling silver band that delicately wraps around your finger with a studded open ending. This ring features a 0.5 Ct Tanzanite gemstone and 0.05 Ctw Diamond accent stones.
Tanzanite & Diamond Open Stackable Ring

Statement Rings With a Meaning  

FUN FACT – Tanzanite falls under the Zoisite mineral category making it another birthstone option for the month of December!

  • This Tanzanite & Diamond Twisted Vine Halo Ring showcases a 1-carat oval Tanzanite center with a unique twisting vine halo accented with two round cut Diamonds. Each accent stone is set beside the center stone within its Sterling Silver setting. 
anzanite & Diamond Swirl Twist Ring
  • This Tanzanite & Diamond Twisted Vine Halo Ring showcases a 1 carat oval Tanzanite center with a unique twisting vine halo accented with two round cut Diamonds. Each accent stone is set beside the center stone within its Sterling Silver setting.
Tanzanite & Diamond Twisted Vine Halo Ring

As we discovered that Tanzanite is quickly becoming a more popular engagement gemstone due to its rarity & value, our Slate & Tell designers have embraced it by carefully curating an affordable Tanzanite Jewelry Collection that would be an essential piece in everyone’s jewelry box for generations to come.

For all December babies! What are your thoughts on adding a Tanzanite to your birthstone jewelry collection? It’s the perfect gem to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or just because!

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