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Secret’s Out! NEW: Secret Halo Ring

Secret Halo Setting

We now know from our previous “Hello, Halo!” blog that a halo ring features a center stone surrounded by smaller accent stones. Not only does this setting make the size of the center stone seem larger, it also gives the ring an enhanced sparkle. Halo rings have quickly become our best selling engagement style. But… a Secret Halo?

Slate & Tell wrapped the base of the traditional engagement setting in a continuous circle of pave diamonds which signifies an endless circle of love. Subtle details are what complete the perfect engagement ring. The Secret Halo does that by adding a platform of additional sparkle to the profile view of your beautiful ring. This hidden pave wrap accentuates the center stone from ALL angles!

Secret Halo Stone Solitaire Ring

The Anatomy

Who wants the ultimate sparkle? Give me all the bling! The pave stones in the Secret Halo have continuous sparkle, which plays off the bottom of your center stone, and creates the most exhilarating shine. When the light has plenty of surfaces to bounce off, you can’t stop the scintillation. The focus stays on your gorgeous center stone and then peeking out from the side is the perfect foundation of bling.

The Next Step…

Affordable & stylish, this ring caters to all budgets. If you are budget obsessed like me, you are in the right place! You can choose the always glamorous Diamond, the perfect sparkle of the Moissanite or our beautiful Cubic Zirconia.

Let’s compare:


The Diamonds we set have a color of H-I and a clarity of SI2-I1. This is what is called Eye-Clean in the jewelry industry. When you show off your Diamond Slate & Tell jewelry, it will sparkle and harbor little inclusion to the naked eye. Your friends and family will be in awe! With a hardness of a 10 on the Mohs scale, Diamonds top the charts and are made for everyday wear.


Since the color is controlled in a laboratory, our Moissanite is naturally near-colorless and has similar fire and brilliance when compared to a Diamond. When you choose our Moissanite as your center stone, the side stones will be diamonds. Coming in at a 9.25 hardness on the Mohs scale, Moissanite is just behind the Diamond and will be exceptionally durable to wear every single day.

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is another option for your non-diamond selection and has a flawless look that resembles a diamond for 1/10th of the price. We use the highest quality CZ in our Slate & Tell Jewelry. When you choose CZ as your center stone, the side stones will be CZ also.

This collection by Slate & Tell is handcrafted and made to order. It is easy to create a timeless, personal piece that you will wear with confidence! Tell us why you love the Secret Halo & comment below. We want to hear from you!

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