Summer’s Hottest Trends

The summer weather is heating up — and so is personalized jewelry. Two of our new favorite ways to personalize are with birthstones and zodiac signs. In July, this calls for red rubies and the transition from Cancer to Leo! When it comes to fashionably telling your story & expressing yourself, we’ve got the 411: Birthstones and Zodiac are IN! Don’t let your summer pass without adding these to your collection…

Are you seeing RED?

Rubies are timeless and add a nice vivid pop of color to any style! This stone is the official birthstone for July and is known for its breathtaking beauty, rarity and durability. Rubies are one of the most highly demanded gemstones today. While signifying strength and passion, wearing a Ruby also shows true elegance and poise!

Personalized Single Stone Ring

This Personalized Birthstone Ring is one of our Top Sellers. Whether it’s your name, your partner’s name or your children’s, it’s a big piece of YOU! Choose Ruby, then add a name while customizing your Slate & Tell jewelry today.

But this isn’t all – We have plenty of birthstone rings without names, ring stacks, birthstone charms and bracelets to choose from! With so many options, it’s easy to find the perfect piece for you.

The Crab and the Lion

The Cancer and Leo signs are each partially represented in the month
of July. Cancer (crab) being 7/1 – 7/22 and 7/22 to the end of the month is Leo (lion). Both known for their bravery, they are powerful pieces to strut. These two zodiac signs also share with July the Ruby birthstone. When a Ruby is paired with a Zodiac sign, the energetic combination is unstoppable!

Pave Zodiac Open Ring

The Cancer and the Ruby

Rubies are known to be lucky for Cancerians and are said to promote health and wellness. A person born under Cancer is often said to be emotional and intimate in nature. The Ruby is known for love and romance. What a perfect match!

Check out this Birthstone Charm below. The simplicity of this necklace makes the ruby work with any outfit. Wear it with a Zodiac Ring and bring ALL the energy together!

Birthstone Bezel Charm
Zodiac Ring

The Leo & the Ruby

For the Leo, Rubies promote good health, prosperity and strength. A person born under Leo is often said to be a natural born leader. Strength and durability is one of the desired attributes that a Ruby has to offer… We dare you to think of a better pair!

The Zodiac Script Ring paired with a Ruby Single Stone Ring is the combo we’re here for.

Zodiac Script Ring
Single Stone Ring

So guys… It’s July. Your tan is in full force.

This is the season to #treatyourself and we’re here to tell you there is NO better way than shopping new pieces to spice up your everyday style! Check out our Instagram for more daily style inspo!

This collection by Slate & Tell is handcrafted and made to order. It is easy to create a timeless, personal piece that you’ll never take off! Tell us your favorite style & comment below. We want to hear from you!

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