Top 5 Wedding Bands for 2020

Wedding Bands, historically, have been basic and consistent with very few style changes over the past few decades. Most consumers would shop at their local jewelry store without many styling options to choose from.

Social Media coupled with the rapid growth of E-commerce has offered today’s consumer a variety of options to shop for the exact look they desire. Here is a list of our top 5 best-selling Wedding Rings:

#1 Classic Stone Ring

The Classic Shared Prong Straight Band is, hands down, our favorite. The simple design with a low profile looks great next to your engagement ring, or on its own. It is versatile and able to match almost any style ring it is paired with. This band is popular both in White Gold and Sterling Silver.

#2 Milgrain Bezel Diamond Band

Our second favorite band is the Millgrain Bezel Diamond Band. Each stone is expertly set in the bezel opening in the ring. The rim of each bezel has a mill-grain finish which adds a mini halo effect around each diamond. This ring is especially popular in Rose Gold and Yellow Gold.

#3 Personalized Eternity Ring

Coming in at number three is the Eternity Name Ring. While most women have not thought of using a personalized name ring as a wedding band, we have quickly watched this ring become one of our top options for brides-to-be! The bands are usually stamped with the wedding date or the spouse’s name. They are also available in Sterling Silver, 14 Karat White Gold, 14 Karat Yellow Gold & 14 Karat Rose Gold.

#4 Twine Ring & Braided Ring

Our fourth best-selling band design is the Twine Band and the Braided Band. The twist design comes in a few different variations, but these two looks have proven to be our customer’s favorites. The rings can be stacked with you other favorite wedding bands or worn solo. They are available in Sterling silver, 10 Karat White Gold, 10 Karat Yellow Gold and 10 Karat Rose Gold.

#5 Chevron Rings

Rounding out our top 5 most popular weddings rings are our Chevron Band Collection. The Chevron is a meaningful and traditional design that has taken the modern jewelry world by storm! Our Chevron Collection is designed to curve around your engagement ring or can also be worn alone. The rings are popular in Sterling Silver as well as in Gold.

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