Why Birthstone Rings are an every day MUST

Feel like wearing a piece of jewelry that’s personal to you but don’t want to overtly wear your name? Birthstones – an increasingly popular jewelry trend – have you covered. You can figure out your birthstone based on the month you were born. For many people, it’s a great reason to add color to their jewelry collection! January-borns would wear a garnet, while those who celebrate their birthday in December, may sport a blue topaz ring. Adorn your wardrobe with new designs like stackable birthstone rings! Below are a few reasons why these styles are so versatile…

This post takes a look at some great reasons why birthstone rings are back and hotter than ever:

  • Restorative healing

There are many discussions focused on the healing properties of gemstones. Some stones, like Rubies, ward off negative energies – while emerald is known to have soothing qualities with its relaxing green hues. Turquoise is purifying and cleansing. So here’s a Pro Tip: Don’t limit to opting for a gemstone for your particular birth month… You can also choose one that compliments your personality!

  • The choice of A-listers   

It is not uncommon to see celebrities stepping out wearing their favorite gemstone on their neck or fingers. In fact, popular personalities like Adele have publicly confirmed that their birthstones play a big part in their success story. Many people also take up wearing birthstones to bring them luck and prosperity. Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is a Sapphire stone, which was once worn by Princess Diana – But no matter how much money that ring is worth in monetary value, nothing compares to the value of its sentiment and the joy it brought when Prince Charles proposed with his mother’s ring. This is what meaningful jewelry is all about.

  • They are personal

Putting on birthstone rings can make an instant connection with a loved one. It is common to see many fashionistas don birthstone stackable rings, with names of their children and/or spouse. No matter the distance between you, wearing these rings makes you instantly connect with your near and dear ones.

  • Fashionable statement

Many people mix different fashion jewelry with their birthstones to match their overall haute couture look. With a mystical aura, a glorious history, and dazzling elegance, it is no wonder that many prefer to have birthstone rings and necklaces as a part of their jewelry collection. Such pieces of exclusive jewelry also perk up your overall visage and radiate an amazing look for the next evening soiree. Even stack it with your engagement ring!

These were some compelling reasons why you should definitely opt for birthstone stacking rings. In all, we focus mostly on aesthetic and meaning. Not only are birthstones more stylish now than ever, but also offer healing properties that can make a difference to your life.

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