Perfect Pear Personalized Engagement Ring Stack


Sterling Silver ($43.00)


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Monthly payments


Makala Schultz Verified Buyer

I am 100% in love! I have been admiring this ring for a couple years and my husband allowed me to purchase it during Black Friday. I’m so glad I ordered it!! It fits perfectly and is even more beautiful in person.

Anna Albecker Verified Buyer

For the amount of money I paid, these rings are really nice. The diamond is beautiful, the inscription is perfect on the band, they look real and legit. I have no idea if they are real diamonds or what, I didn’t really do my research on them and so my bf and I chose this sideways drop diamond and stack of 3 different bands to go with it for only like $127? If I remember right. I paid extra for the fastest shipping which was something like 21$ or so for 6-8 day shipping rather than the normal free option which said it could be something like 2-3 weeks. Well, it still took about that long anyways. I don’t know if it was because of Covid or what but I basically bought it, for a confirmation email and then didn’t hear anything at all for like almost 2 weeks or something. I contacted them and asked about it. They actually refunded my shipping costs because I complained about how it was taking as long as if I had chosen the free option. Anyways, the only thing I can complain about, other than the long wait for it to be shipped, is possibly not their fault anyways. I sized my finger the day before I ordered it and I don’t know if I did it when I was swollen or something and hadn’t realized or if I lost weight or the weather changing, but now I can’t wear the diamond on my ring finger or it is loose and falls around and turns a lot and becomes obnoxious. So, I wear it on my pointer finger. It’s a promise ring anyways, not an engagement ring so I don’t mind. I’d suggest to anyone buying, get sized but also take into consideration whether you may gain or lose weight (cause more comes from the fingers and feet than you’d think) and consider the weather (hot or cold can make the ring and maybe even your skin, I forget, swell and expand or shrink, etc). For the money you pay they are good rings. I don’t know if it’s good enough in my opinion to wear forever if it’s for an engagement or wedding, etc, but otherwise they are very nice rings.